White Label Perks

Owners: Kelly McCausey, Samantha Angel, Avery Wilmer

White Label Perks crafts great content for the business coaching, self-development, and what they call, the coloring and doodles niches. This is stuff you can add your flavor and branding to and be ready to publish faster than ever!

White Label Perks content is designed to provide lively content you can post to your blog. Each package also includes a version where they compile the posts in one file to offer as a content upgrade. Lastly, they also include digital media for sharing on your social channels.

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White Label Perks offers individual package purchases as well as a low-cost membership where you get two business and two self-development packages each month.

Packages typically include:

A folder labeled “Content”…

This folder includes five blog posts, ten beautiful shareable graphics that include the PSD file and social media posts.

A folder labeled “Content Perks”…

This folder typically includes ‘call-to-action' graphics, a beautifully designed ecover, emails, and a journal or workbook. The perks will vary from package to package.

  • Reba says:

    I was a member at White Label Perks for about 6 or 8 months and I can attest, the quality of their PLR is great. I actually think it’s written by an American and doesn’t have a lot of filler words to up the word count that I find in other PLR. I liked the membership and only left because I was getting a big backlog of PLR and wasn’t using enough of it, you know how it goes :-). I always try to control my hoarding.

    The one thing I really loved about White Label Perk’s packages is the social graphics. They are absolutely beautiful and they give you the PSD file so, if you use Photoshop, you can easily change the text. Mostly I use them as is but sometimes I just need a good photo and it’s easier to look through this than a million photos at Deposit Photo.

    They also give you a compiled file of the five articles. This makes it really easy to put together a quick content upgrade for a blog post. I add some of the graphics within the text, make a cover graphic, and voila, it’s beautiful and ready to add to the post.

    White Label Perks rates 5-Stars and I highly recommend them for business and self-help PLR.

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