Content Sparks

Owner: Sharyn Sheldon

Content Sparks is your smart, time-saving solution for building your reputation, standing out from your competitors, and growing your profits.

Content Sparks offers high-end, high-quality white-label courses for the business and online marketing niches.

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Content Sparks offers three levels of content:


The Blaze level helps you create full training programs and completely rebrandable courses and product sales funnels.  The level gives you content such as course books and workbooks, as well as slides, teaching guides, graphics, and lead generation materials for selling your course.


The Beacon series of products helps shine a spotlight on you and your business by giving you the content you need for delivering self-study courses, presenting webinars, teaching workshops, creating video and more. The list of contents can vary from product to product. Some are complete self-study courses while others include slides for presenting or recording your own videos.


With the Flash level, you get a short report, worksheets, and tips for sharing on social media. It's perfect when you need a smaller piece of content for something like a lead magnet to build your list, or when you need to promote a current product by adding a sales funnel.

  • Reba says:

    I consider Content Sparks to be the best of the best when it comes to PLR. Since I create online courses, Sharyn’s Blaze packages give me everything I need, even the lead-magnet and sales page to create a nice funnel. The text is well-written and the slide pack gives me a jump-start on the not-so-easy task of creating the slides in PowerPoint. When I buy a Blaze product, all I have to do is add my own information, experiences, and stories, make new graphics (I always make new graphics), edit the sales page to sound like my voice and add my new graphics, and then I’m ready to record. The speaker notes help a great deal with the recording phase. These packages would be perfect for live workshops and a webinar series as well, which I may try in the future.

    I do think the prices are quite expensive at their regular prices. The Blaze packages that I like to buy run between $197 and $297, so I like to watch for sales and specials. Sharyn likes to offer new Blaze packages for $97 when they first come out. I always consider my future plans when those are debuted. If I think I might want to offer a course on that topic at any time in the future, I scoop it up and save money. Sharyn also likes to run weekend specials, I watch closely for those as well.

    That being said, if I’m getting ready to create a course on a topic and haven’t previously purchased the right package on sale, $297 is nothing to pay for the high-quality that Content Sparks produces. I don’t hesitate to buy when I need PLR in the topic.

    I highly recommend Content Sparks products.

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