Coach Glue

Owners:  Melissa Ingold, Nicole Dean

Coach Glue develops and creates Done-for-You (PLR) content, tools, forms, and training to help business coaches make more money, run their businesses smoothly, and still have time to live the lifestyle they dream of.

Coach Glue helps thousands of business coaches spend less time on paperwork with their done-for-you coaching products. You just grab what you need, customize it, add your logo and brand it for your biz, and then sell or use it in your own business with your clients!

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Coach Glue offers high-quality PLR planners, blog posts, courses, forms, and group coaching content. They have two memberships and sell a couple of their product categories individually.

VIP Club Membership

As a VIP member, you get EVERYTHING that Coach Glue released over the past year. PLUS you will get ALL of the Coaching Courses, Teach your Tribe packages, and Planners/Workbooks that they release for the next year. A VIP Club Membership is good for one year and costs $997 or 2 payments of $525. If you continue after the first year, the second year and going forward years are $497.

“Done For You Courses” (only available to VIP members)

The most comprehensive product that Coach Glue produces is their “Done For You Courses”. You can only get access to the courses if you are a VIP member. Each course includes:

  • 4 complete course lessons
  • Course workbook with worksheets, exercises, and checklists
  • Facebook Livestream theme script to generate buzz for your course launch
  • Facebook Livestream launch page copy
  • Sales page copy to sell your course
  • 10 “done-for-you” social media posts
  • 5 blog posts to warm your audience up for your upcoming launch
Teach Your Tribe Membership

This membership is to help you with group coaching. When you sign-up you get the current month's content plus the last 3 months. The membership costs $297 year paid in advance.

Each month's content includes:

  • Step-by-step script
  • PowerPoint slides for your webinar
  • Worksheet (14 pages, 837 words)
  • 4 Week Calendar (22 pages, 1060 words)
  • Action Checklist (5 pages, 650 words)
  • Resource Directory with Links to Tools & Resources (12 pages, 1677 words)
  • 21 Ideas Blueprint (8 pages, 2535 words)
Done For You Planners

Coach Glue's “done for you” planners are comprehensive guides to help you or your audience through a task in your business. Choose from an array of topics with new fresh content being added monthly. Planners are sold individually for $37 each.

Done For You Blog Posts

Coach Glues offers “done-for-you” blog posts. Each package includes 10 blog posts (the website doesn't specify the word count). Each package is sold individually for $27.

Done For You Coaching Forms

Customizable coaching forms for everything you need to run your business most efficiently and effectively. From Client Intake forms to Referral Letters, you’ll find it at Coach Glue. Each package has from 7 to 17 letters, forms or checklists to use in your coaching business. Each package costs $27.

  • Reba says:

    I have never signed-up for Coach Glue’s VIP Club membership (although I have considered it heavily… multiple times) but I have purchased their individual products. I even purchased one of their Done For You Courses when it was offered individually. I had my eye on it for a while and when it went on sale, outside of the VIP Club, I snatched it up. So I currently own at least one of each of their products (except the Coaching Forms).

    I have to say, the content is so good and everything is very well written. I have been thoroughly impressed with every items I’ve purchased.

    I will say, I do get confused on their website. I have a hard time knowing what I can buy and what I can’t unless I’m a member. I had to figure it all out in order to add this item to my site, and now it makes sense, but don’t feel bad if you get a little lost when trying to navigate the different products they carry. I also got a little lost in the way they arrange their folders, but finally figured it out and found everything.

    I also found that there were a lot of recommended items in the text. I didn’t like it so much as I found I had to decide whether or not that was the product I wanted to promote, and often it was not. Then I had to either reword everything to exclude it or just go with the product or company that was referred. I’d much rather have the text clean from referrals allowing me to add my own where I see fit.

    But aside from that, I love their PLR. They have a very large range of business products for teaching and coaching… I just wish I didn’t have to join a $1000 membership to have access to them. Boo! I watch very closely for sales from Coach Glue and often I’m able to buy a Done For You Course. Keep an eye out, good stuff coming from this company.

    I give Coach Glue a 5-Star rating and recommend them highly.

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