Online Businesses Aren’t The Only Ones To Use Pre-Written Content

Online Businesses Aren’t The Only Ones Uses PLR & Pre-Written Content

I created a video for content creators that I wanted to share on my blog, so I had it transcribed!!


Many content creators think that everything they write for their blog, emails, courses, webinars, workshops, whatever… needs to be written solely by them…from scratch.

But that might be one of the biggest stories online business owners tell themselves.

But I get it. From the time we’re little and start school we were taught to never copy others and to always do our own work.  So, it’s easy to believe that writing everything yourself from scratch is the only way to create content.

But let me ask you, are you the first person to ever have the ideas you write or teach about?

And what about this, does every recording artist write their own songs?

Do all authors write their own books?

No… and by thinking you’re the only person that can create your content, you could actually be causing yourself a lot more work than necessary, and spending more time working than you have to. And don’t you already put in enough work for your business?

Creating ALL your own content is hard work and you could be working so hard that sometime in the future, and maybe sometime sooner than you think, you will decide it’s just too hard to be an entrepreneur and give up, just quit and give it all up.

So, how do you create content for your business without having to create it all yourself, from scratch?

Private label rights content. That’s how.

Private label rights content is pre-written content that’s written by someone else who sells a commercial license giving you, the buyer, the rights reuse it.

It’s often referred to as PLR, or done-for-you or maybe white label content. And most licenses allow you to rewrite, change or use the pre-written content in any way you want.

When you start with well-written quality PLR, it gives you a jump-start to help you create.

So, what if you had that jump start? What if you had content where all you needed to do was add your own special expertise, your experiences and a story here and there?
Would it save you time?

Would it allow you to spend more time doing other things, like time with family? Or maybe you’d finally have time to create more products to sell and make more money. Wouldn’t that be great!

So, right about now you’re probably wondering if using PLR is ethical. After all, you didn’t write it and isn’t it true that you have to do all your own writing?

Well, let’s go back to the examples I had before. Do all recording artists write their own songs?

No, in fact, many buy the rights to perform a song from a different person who wrote it. Just watch the new tv show “Songland”.

Is that ethical?

I'd say yes, the songwriter agreed to it, the artist agreed to it, and the audience gets a great song that they can enjoy. Does it really matter who wrote it?

Do all authors write their own books?

No, a lot of books are written by ghostwriters. Either the author has no interest in writing but wants a book, or they don’t have the time. Is it ethical?

Absolutely. Again, everyone agreed to the terms and the public gets a great book to read.

So, let me ask you, do you really want to keep writing everything yourself from scratch and working so hard that you wonder if being an online entrepreneur is really worth it?

Or, do you want to let private label rights content give you a helping hand and a jumpstart with your writing?

And I’m not talking about just blog posts, you can buy PLR packages that have everything you need to create a full course, plus everything to promote that course.

It’s really just amazing how much time PLR can save you.

So, are you ready to, not only save a lot of time and hard work but maybe you could get your life back and spend more time with your family?

Or maybe that time could be used to create more products and make more money?

Are you ready?

Then let me help you learn more about private label rights content in my free guide called “Use PLR Like a Boss”.

In the guide, I’ll show you how to make PLR content unique and teach you a few fun ways to use it in your online business.

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Thanks for reading!

All my best,