Debunking The Myths About PLR Content

Debunking The Myths About PLR Content

Have you ever heard of PLR content? Or maybe you’ve heard it called Done-For-You (DFY) content?

Well, if you haven’t, I have good news because knowing about this valuable resource can help you grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

What Is PLR?

First, let me explain what PLR is and then I’ll clear up some myths about it.

The acronym PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. To explain what it is, I’ll use another industry. Think about when you buy the store brand product when grocery shopping. What you’re buying in most cases is the same product that has a big-name brand on it, and it's probably packed at the same factory, but the grocery store has worked out a “private label” deal with the manufacturer to put their own name on it.

Basically, the manufacturer sells the “right” for the store to use their product under a different name or “private label”.

With written content, it’s much the same. The manufacturer, in this case, would be the content creator. And when I speak of content, I mean written articles, blog posts, emails, social media posts, memes, and even full-blown courses.

The content creator sells the content allowing the purchaser the “right” to use it as their own and post it online as if they wrote it. Additionally, the purchaser is normally free to edit or change the content as they see fit for their business. They can even add their own thoughts and opinions to make it their own.

Is It Ethical? Can I Really Do That?

So, what crossed your mind when you read my description of PLR?

Maybe you think it’s like stealing?

Or, maybe you think it’s not ethical to use content that someone else wrote?

Well, let me chase down those beliefs real quick because they simply are not correct. You need to let those beliefs go so you can help yourself and grow your business.

Myth # 1 : It isn’t stealing to use PLR content.

Stealing content is finding an article online and copying the whole thing to your own website. It doesn’t matter if you credit the author or not. If you take more than a paragraph or two to use as a quote, you’ve violated copyright law because you didn’t have the right to copy that material.

With PLR content, the seller is selling you the right to copy their material. Most PLR providers even allow you to change the content if there’s a point you disagree with or if you want to add your own opinion to the work. But, the bottom line is, you pay for the right to do that.

Myth #2: It isn’t unethical to use PLR content.

PLR content is usually created by a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters create content with the knowledge that their name will not go on the content. They know this up front and they don’t mind. In fact, many ghostwriters enjoy what they do because they get the chance to educate and inform readers while writing on a variety of topics.

PLR content is also used by many different types of businesses. For example, politicians rarely write their own speeches.  Most athletes don’t write their own autobiographies, choosing instead to work with ghostwriters.

It’s perfectly ethical to use PLR content to serve your community and it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

And here’s a fact you might not know. People you respect and admire are using PLR, you just don't know it.

Thousands of online business owners use PLR to power their businesses. It’s how they’re able to produce so many blog posts, podcast episodes, Facebook Live videos, and more.

The simple truth is, trying to create all your content all by yourself can be exhausting. But PLR is an affordable solution that’s easy to customize for your audience with just a few subtle tweaks and personal story or two.

Are you starting to get the idea that PLR could help you produce more content for your business and in doing so, it will grow faster?

Well, you'd be in good company.

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