10 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement with Your Content

10 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement with Your Content

If you run an online business, content marketing has probably become a large part of your strategy to gain traffic, get engagement, and attract the right audience to your business.

AND… I'm sure you already know, but it's getting harder and harder to stand-out with all the content people see every day. Besides all the video, audio, reports, guides, podcasts, blog posts, plus, social media, we are drowning in information overload.

What's worse is it's becoming a full-time job to create the amount of high-quality content you need to get the engagement you need.

Personally, I use Private Label Rights content (PLR) to help me create all the content I need for my businesses. I normally edit quite a bit so, in the end, it sounds like I wrote it, but none-the-less, it's great for giving me a starting point.

Here are 10 tips to help you create content that will be engaging for your audience. Keep these in mind even when you're using PLR.

  1. When creating your content, always think about your customer journey. You should lead readers through the buying cycle that is normal for your industry. As an example, if your product is one where people need to know more before they will buy, create content to teach them what they need to know.
  2. Social media is currently one of the best places online to run ads that bring people to your content.  Just $10 to boost a post on Facebook can go a long way, and if you have things set-up properly and considering the customer's journey, it can be a great way to start engagement with prospects.
  3. Make sure your content gives your audience the information they need and are looking for. If your readers have to work to find the value in your content, they won't stay. Always remember, the best marketing doesn't seem like marketing.
  4. Guest blog as often as possible and make sure you leave a link to your site in the last paragraph or in the writer's bio. Guest blogging is a great way to build traffic and your authority as an expert in your field. My only caution here, do not use PLR for writing guest blog posts, they should be original. That being said, reading through some PLR to learn specifics of a topic you want to write about, just like reading articles before writing, can help you write a more comprehensive article.
  5. Start with a content marketing strategy that is written. Your chances of success will be much greater if you have a plan and follow it.
  6. Also, create a promotional plan. Create a checklist and every time you publish new content use the list to ensure you post on all your social media channels and other places where you can drive traffic back to the content. I have a list of Facebook groups that allow me to post a link back to my blog posts, freebies, and other promotions.
  7. Watch your analytics. I use Google Analytics, it's free and there isn't an analytics program that's better. Analytics allow you to keep track of what's popular and what's getting the most traffic. That information helps you know what people want so you can create more of that kind of content.
  8. Write like you’re talking to a friend. Your readers will be more engaged when your content is conversational.
  9. Be sure to share your content and always include social media sharing buttons. I still don't have these installed but it's at the top of my list.
  10. Making your content evergreen will bring traffic to your site long after the trending topics are no longer interesting.

Content marketing is super important for your business if you want to be successful. Remember these tips as you develop your content and you will see higher engagement from your audience. And if you use PLR to help you create your content, these tips can still easily be applied.

Leave me a comment below, did I leave out anything? Which of the tips do you use and what results do you get by using them? Let me know!

All my best,